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We provide the highest level of legal Florida translation and interpretation services for over the phone, on-site depositions, as well as deposition transcripts. For important legal matters you should only choose the best translation company, Wind Translations.

Medical Appointments

An experienced medical interpreter is available to help you through your medical appointments. When you do not speak the same language as your doctor, a medical interpreter can help you feel more comfortable by allowing you to communicate with the medical professionals with ease.


Wind Translations provides translation and interpreting services for arbitration. During arbitration, the consistency and accuracy of the translation is critical to your success in court.


Interpreters are often necessary to aid in meditations. The interpreters will make communicating with all involved parties much easier and keep the lines of communication open.

Therapy Appointments

Professional interpreters are available to help bridge the communication gap during therapy appointments. Having an interpreter with you gives you the same access to high quality therapy service that native patients have

Transcript Translation

Convert your audio and video content for your international audience. Your meetings, events and seminar’s audio can be transcribed for your staff, investors and customers around the world.

Website Translation

Reach a new audience and valuable markets all over the world with an expertly translated website. The world is online. Start taking advantage of the markets available internationally.

Press Release Translation

When you write a perfect press release, you have to ensure it is accurately translated. Wind Translations will provide a consistent product and brand message to your international customers.

Email Translation

We will craft your email content and subject lines perfectly to best communicate with your international audience. Having an accurate translation of your emails will ensure you have a higher click through rate.

Contract Translation

Wind Translations translates employment, supply, sales or other business contracts for our clients in all industries. You will no longer be restricted to doing business with people who only speak your language because we provide Florida Translation and Interpretation Services

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Key Service Offers

  • Accredited, guarantee, and accurate translation & interpretation services

  • Professional interpreter services in person and over the phone

  • Quick turnaround for projects with short deadlines

  • Vast experience in all industries from medical to manufacturing

  • A deep understanding of all translation challenges from technical to contractual

  • The best value for your money

  • Florida Translation And Interpretation Services

  • Spanish to English in Tampa Interpretation

  • Spanish interpreter in Tampa

  • Spanish to English Translator in Tampa

  • Tampa Bay sign language

  • Tampa Bay interpreter

  • Tampa Bay translations


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